This school has quite a history with a man who was dedicated to improving the lives of the children in this community. Many years ago, Don Jose Gallego donated the land where our campus resides. Initially, it was a recreation center for the citizens and, specifically, the students could enjoy their afternoons playing together. In time, the LISD school board decided to construct an elementary school in the area. The school was first named Buenos Aires Elementary School serving children from Kinder, and then Pre-Kinder through fifth grade. 

Approximately in 2005, the LISD school board voted to renovate the campus. They decided on a total reconstruction demolishing the old campus in 2006 and building the new in that year. During that time, Buenos Aires was housed at the old Sanchez/Ochoa campus. By 2007, the new campus building was ready for the community just in time for the new school year. It was a new school campus building  and a new school name. We were now Don Jose Gallego Elementary School!

There was one more change to be made. In 2009, with Mrs. Lupita Cortez as principal, the mascot of the school changed from ponies to ligers.